Immigration arrests at Mexican border continue to plummet

The light-rail transit is meant to boost local economies on both sides of the wall.

That's the case for Pat Bell of River Bend, a Trump supporter who never backed the president's border wall and may hire a lawyer to fight his administration. Congressional Republicans have estimated a more moderate price tag of $12 billion to $15 billion.

Two of the businesses bidding on the wall are based in North Texas. So National Consulting Service has proposed building a monorail along the border. Builders must show that they have experience "executing high-profile, high-visibility, and politically contentious" projects. Also, the structure can not interfere with cross-border waterways, including the Rio Grande River, under a 1947 treaty with Mexico.

Kelly said that the success at the border is due to the "huge amount of cooperation" from Mexicans and local Mexican authorities on both sides of the border, despite the widespread corruption due to trafficking fueled by USA drug consumption.

Erwin says his office wants to keep as many people in the country as they can but legally.

"The sky's the limit for projects in the future", he said. "The last time anybody tried anything like this was in China" - a task that took centuries to complete to prevent the incursion of barbarian nomads.

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It was a little more hard for Fort Worth's Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga, chief executive officer of The Penna Group LLC, who is Latino and bid on both wall categories - despite getting death threats because of his high profile on the issue. It's impossible for the federal government to build a contiguous wall in Texas without seizing private property.

Beyond that, the department is looking for ideas. A USA government official who preferred to remain anonymous stated that "four to 10 bidders are expected to be chosen to build prototypes" in San Diego, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Mr. Kelly said because he doesn't know what the wall will look like nor how much will be built, he can't predict the cost. The AP notes the prototypes are expected to cost about $200,000 to $500,000 each; estimates for the cost of the wall covering the 2,000-mile border, however, range up to $38 billion.

"I like the wall to be able to pay for itself", said managing partner Thomas Gleason. He said many Hispanic-owned construction companies decided not to submit bids because of the opposition.

"You could fire a tank round at it and it will take the impact", said Dennis O'Leary, founder of DarkPulse Technologies. Tom Carper, D-Delaware, said at the hearing.

"This has happened before when - as it relates especially to immigration - when the U.S. stands strong and takes certain actions", Aguilar said. "Not many people could channel the right message" to build the public support necessary to avoid conflict, he said. "There are also concerns about how working on the wall would affect a construction company's ability to work in other countries, given that the Trump plan has received a great deal of global criticism".

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