Is bribery going to be Theresa May's main Brexit negotiating tactic?

Is bribery going to be Theresa May's main Brexit negotiating tactic?

Is bribery going to be Theresa May's main Brexit negotiating tactic?

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator, former French minister Michel Barnier, said in a speech last week: "It is not too early to start outlining the contours of our new partnership today, even if it is too early to start negotiating".

Joseph Muscat, the prime minister of Malta, which now holds the European Union presidency, said: "It will be a tough negotiation, but it will not be a war".

Discussing divorce terms in parallel with a future trade agreement, as the United Kingdom proposed, "will not happen", Tusk said. This is why I rule out this kind of interpretation ... that security cooperation is used as a bargaining chip.

The status of their citizens living, working and studying in Britain needs to be guaranteed, and negotiations must also prevent a legal vacuum for European Union companies, Tusk said.

The letter was published in the Le Parisien newspaper and attempted to reassure the French that Britain does not want to harm France or any other country in the European Union by leaving the bloc. The EU27 does not and will not pursue a punitive approach.

In the first phase of the talks, the EU wants to focus on issues such as the rights of EU nationals in Britain and British nationals in the EU, and the settlement of Britain's financial commitments to the EU.

Once the first phase is cleared, the next phase of negotiations is set to scope out an understanding of a framework for the future UK-EU relationship.

On April 29, the remaining member states will adopt negotiation guidelines published by Donald Tusk.

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"Our position is we are ready to start negotiating", the spokesman said.

But it may also suggest that the question of the UK's "divorce bill" must be settled in advance of the vital trade talks.

It appears that the European leaders have no intention of letting Britain get away easily during the Brexit negotiations.

"It is not a vehicle for policy changes - but it will give the Government the necessary power to correct or remove the laws that would otherwise not function properly once we have left the European Union".

Labour MP Owen Smith said: "Two days into a two-year negotiation and the government's lofty rhetoric is colliding with hard reality".

"You can not use the security of our citizens in a negotiation and say 'oh, yeah, we're going to only cooperate on the security of our citizens in the fight against terrorism if we have a good trade deal,"' he said.

On Thursday, Lord Kerr, the former British ambassador to the European Union and the original author of Article 50, said that negotiations over the divorce settlement between the United Kingdom and the remaining European Union members must take place simultaneously with talks over their future relationship.

Another issue is securing the rights of both millions of mainly East European EU citizens in Britain and British people living in other member states.

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