Marshawn Lynch tells Raiders he wants to come out of retirement

Marshawn Lynch tells Raiders he wants to come out of retirement

Marshawn Lynch tells Raiders he wants to come out of retirement

Following reports that the Oakland Raiders would seek to persuade Marshawn Lynch to come out of retirement, the running back has apparently expressed interest.

According to Rapoport, the Raiders want to explore Lynch's condition and fit with a young locker room, leaving the final call up to head coach Jack Del Rio.

There has been speculation for months now, but it appears as if Lynch is seriously thinking of coming out of retirement and getting back into the NFL. With so many steps already determined, it really seems like this could a possibility in the near future. They lost Latavius Murray in free agency this offseason and are now lacking a power back of Lynch's caliber. In fact, it sounds like the Seahawks are comfortable doing a deal if Lynch wants to play in Oakland. The rookie duo combined for 31 carries and 110 rushing yards without scoring a touchdown. Since Lynch is under contract to the Seahawks for one more year, he had to get permission to visit with the Raiders.

As it now stands, the Raiders have DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richardson at running back, but they are both only entering their second seasons in the NFL.

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As of right now, the Raiders do have an opening at the running back position, and putting Marshawn Lynch in the backfield behind this current offensive line, you can expect great things from not only the run game, but the entire offense.

Additionally, Lynch's agent Doug Hendrickson said in March that Lynch is subject to change his mind at any moment.

When we last saw Marshawn Lynch, he was peddling Skittles in Scotland, literally.

Things move quickly in the National Football League and if this visit is any indication, Lynch and the Raiders are doing their homework before pulling the trigger. And if he does bounce back, I'd be happy not having to see the 49ers play him twice a year this fall.

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