Oldest Person in the World Emma Morano Dies at 117

Susannah Mushatt Jones, a NY woman several months her senior, died on May 12 evening, making Morano the world's oldest known person at 116.

Bava said he had last seen his patient on Friday when "she thanked me and held my hand", as she did every time he called on her. "She had an extraordinary life, and we will always remember her strength to help us move forward in life".

She had been bed-bound during her latter years.

"She didn't suffer", says Dr. Carlo Bava.

Ms Emma Martina Luigia Morano of Vercelli, Italy, was born on 29 November 1899.

Ms Morano, who was the oldest of eight siblings, died at her home in the northern city of Verbania.

Brown was born March 10, 1900 and is believed to be one of the two remaining persons who were born in the 19th century.

Robert Young, director of the Los Angeles-based GRG's Supercentenarian Research and Database Division, said he had been following Morano 's progress for the past seven years, calling her an example of "super-ageing individuals who seem to age at a slower rate than normal - maybe even a few percentage points slower, but enough to make a difference".

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"When I met her, she ate three eggs per day, two raw in the morning and then an omelette at noon, and chicken at dinner".

"'Either you agree to marry me or I will kill you'", Ms Morano said, recalling his proposal. "I was 26 years old".

Nobody could argue against Morano's will as she spent her life being mostly single, and mostly happy.

Morano fell short of the official title of world's oldest verified person on record, which is still held by Frenchwoman Jeanne Louise Calment who died in 1997, aged 122 years.

"I separated from him in 1938".

"Her niece and I leave some biscuits and chocolates out at night in the kitchen". Since then, she supported herself, lived alone, and worked in a factory until the age of 65. With three eggs everyday, fresh Italian pasta and a plate of raw meat, she followed her spectacular diet for around 90 years.

Jamaican centenarian Violet Brown is now the oldest living person in the world.

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