Samsung's Tizen OS Reportedly Riddled With Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Samsung's Tizen OS Reportedly Riddled With Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Samsung's Tizen OS Reportedly Riddled With Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

In one of the harshest comments, the researcher said, "Everything you can do wrong there, they do it".

The discovery comes in the wake of documents published by the whistleblowing organisation Wikileaks claiming the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had monitored people through the cameras and microphones of their Samsung televisions.

Tizen OS runs on 21 million Smart TV sets, according to the researcher.

"I made a decision to start and research Tizen because it seems that nobody was doing it", Neiderman said.

While all the vulnerabilities in the software allow a hacker to take control of devices running Tizen, a flaw Neiderman found particularly disturbing compromised the software used to install software through the app store for the OS.

For Samsung, Tizen is its attempt to push beyond Google's Android confines for the future of its devices. He strongly feels Samsung did not provide proper QA testing on the security level, otherwise most of these exploits would have been discovered a long time ago.

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In February, Oneconsult's Rafael Scheel demonstrated how terrestrial radio signals could be harnessed to hack a number of Smart TVs from Samsung. He says that much of Tizen's code is borrowed from past Samsung projects, such as Bada, but most of the security issues are found within the newer bits of code. "It's like taking an undergraduate and letting him programme your software".

The operating system that powers many Samsung smart TVs, smart watches and smartphones is full of security holes and can easily be hacked into remotely, an Israeli researcher says. In this particular case, Samsung devices have proven to be vulnerable to as many as 40 zero-day exploits.

While there are numerous issues, the Tizen app store one is the biggest concern.

As you may know, Samsung sees Tizen as the primary way to reduce its reliance on Android.

The TizenStore software lets a hacker who gets into it operate with the highest possible privileges available, Motherboard explains. Many developers use alternative functions entirely in order to avoid these risks, but Tizen developers are "using it everywhere". The uniform availability of the code means that crafting malware is relatively easy, and the slow pace of firmware updates from smart television vendors means that security updates and fixes are slow in coming - if they ever come at all. "There's a great chance that we'll see [next year's] Galaxy S9 coming with Tizen, and the OS is not mature enough".

If Neiderman reveals the details of this method of attack in his presentation, owners of Tizen-powered devices may want to take them offline until the vulnerability is fixed. "We are fully committed to cooperating with Mr. Neiderman to mitigate any potential vulnerabilities".

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