Trump, Sessions press case for border wall amid budget fight

Trump, Sessions press case for border wall amid budget fight

Trump, Sessions press case for border wall amid budget fight

Playing down his gaffe last week when he referred to Hawaii as "an island in the Pacific," Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Sunday chalked up the criticism as coming from people lacking a "sense of humor".

Mayor Steve Adler announced today that he and other USA mayors will be meeting Tuesday in D.C. with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, hoping for clarity on what the Trump Administration considers a "sanctuary city". In March Derrick Kahala Watson, the only Hawaiian-born federal judge now serving on a bench, issued a nationwide stay against it.

"The point, however, is that there is a problem when a flawed opinion by a single judge can block the President's lawful exercise of authority to keep the entire country safe". "He is responsible for protecting America", the attorney general said.

In an interview on ABC's This Week, Sessions said there's no doubt that the president has sympathy for immigrants brought to the country at an early age.

Sessions went on to defend Trump's travel ban, without returning to the Hawaii issue.

Sen. Mazie Hirono called the comments "ignorant and unsafe". We're going to defend that order all the way up.

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Jeff Sessions told a room full of attorneys in Washington, DC Monday that just because he and the Department of Justice have promised to crack down on illegal immigration, that doesn't mean they won't also prioritize cleaning up white collar crime.

"Why not just call it the state of Hawaii?" Island of Hawaii has 186,000 people.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard, another high-profile Democrat, wrote that she was "amazed [Sessions] doesn't know Hawaii is a state" and added: "Another reason Sessions should step down".

"Hawaii is, in fact, an island in the Pacific - a handsome one where the Attorney General's granddaughter was born", Justice Department spokesman Ian D. Prior said in a statement.

In response, the Department of Justice tried to walk back Sessions' remarks, saying in a statement that "Hawaii is, in fact, an island in the Pacific ― a attractive one where the Attorney General's granddaughter was born".

"The president told me to do two things", Kelly said.

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