Twitter Killed The Egg Avatar And People Are Not Happy

Twitter Killed The Egg Avatar And People Are Not Happy

Twitter Killed The Egg Avatar And People Are Not Happy

The Twitter egg - the iconic, simple white ovoid against a flat color background that is the default avatar image for all new users - is an easy marker of someone that you should ignore on Twitter.

One could see Twitter's ditching its toxic branding as a surface-level fix for its harassment problems, but the move comes weeks after the service (finally) rolled out tools to help curb abuse. The blog post is quite extensive and thoroughly explains that it has developed a new profile picture which will take place of the egg.

Not many users are impressed with the change, however, and wondered why Twitter wouldn't just delete the troll accounts, instead. "It was important to explore alternate head shapes", the company wrote. Most notably, Twitter says some people kept the egg because they thought it was fun or cute, instead of uploading a photo that actually showed off something about their identity. But now it's time for something new - something that encourages people to upload their own photos for more personal expression.

Twitter has always been notorious as a cesspool of abuse, and that's been tied, in part, to its default egg avatar. It is not the first time the default image has changed, but the timing is just terrible. In my opinion, the egg was already plenty of incentive. Let's start with, "Why?". That's wonderful, and I'm glad Twitter is thinking about stuff like this, because it matters.

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The egg photo was one of the last original features left from the original Twitter platform. There was a theme. For example, fake accounts.

Shares of Twitter closed at $14.95 Friday, up 0.2%. Because Obama has more than three times the Twitter followers of Trump, he can also have three times the fake accounts and still come out ahead.

Twitter has realised it needs to change in a substantial way, but it seems like the company is confused on what exactly needs to get fixed. A sure sign that there's a normal user behind an egg is if geolocation data has been left turned on for the account.

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