Uber resumes self-driving car program after brief suspension

Uber has suspended its trial of self-driving vehicles after one ended up on its side following a crash in Arizona. After the accident was reported, Uber announced it would temporarily halt all of its autonomous vehicle testing until the investigation surrounding the accident was finished.

Uber said yesterday that the operations had been paused over the weekend in order to better understand what had happened in Arizona, but now felt confident of returning the cars to the road.

Self-driving Uber vehicles always have a driver who can take over the controls at any time. There are only two self-driving Ubers operating in San Francisco, and a permitted test driver is behind the wheel of both at all times in case anything should go haywire.

To alleviate any customer concern around its self-driving fleet, Uber has pulled every autonomous vehicle it owns off the road.

According to the buzz there was no serious injury induced on anyone.

Indications are Uber is far behind rival Waymo in developing driverless cars.

The crash resulted in one vehicle being dented and another one toppled to its side, as seen in the picture above which flooded Twitter late Friday night.

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She said that the crash took place because a motorist in another vehicle had not yielded to the Uber auto at a left turn.

Uber's SUVs have been tooling around Phoenix and Tempe for more than three months, and police in both cities said they knew of no accidents before Friday.

But Uber's vehicles in Arizona, Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania remained grounded and were expected to begin operating again soon.

Advocates of self-driving cars say that they can cut down on deadly traffic accidents by eliminating human error.

With that being said, Uber's self-driving vehicle programme has faced a substantial amount of controversy. Waymo, Alphabet Inc.'s autonomous driving business that is also testing driverless vehicles in Arizona, sued an Uber unit called Otto earlier this year for allegedly stealing designs for an important component of driverless cars known as lidar.

According to Ubers' spokeswoman, the ride-hailing company obtained a permit from the California DMV to test its self-driving cars.

Uber's driverless auto program has had its share of controversy.

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