Unexploded Second World War bomb found in Thames ahead of Boat Race

Unexploded Second World War bomb found in Thames ahead of Boat Race

Unexploded Second World War bomb found in Thames ahead of Boat Race

Athletes including Helen Glover and George Nash lent a hand in the race, which will air during the Boat Race broadcast which starts at 4pm on BBC1 on Sunday 2nd April.

At this stage, the event is still scheduled to go ahead as planned, but race organisers said they would not make a final decision until Sunday at the earliest.

It will be a four and a quarter mile race and the finish line will be near the Chiswick Bridge.

The historic Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge will be re-named following tomorrow's event after Government pressure over plans to create a new Mayoral authority covering Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

The men's race begins at 5.35pm.

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The race stretches in the direction of the River Thames between Mortlake and Putney, the race is 6.8kms long or as you can say 4 miles and 374 miles of nonstop rowing by undoubtedly some of the par excellence rowers from the both legendary rivals.

"Despite winning last year, the Light Blues are virtually friendless to win this year's race and with a biggest bet of just 28 pounds, they are being left in the wake of Oxford punters who are splashing the cash", said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

The Oxford University women's boat crew train on the River Thames ahead of this year's competition Who is the favourite to win this year's Boat Race?

In the women's race, Oxford defeated Cambridge easily after their boat sank in rough conditions.

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