Harry Styles' new song about Swift?

Harry Styles' new song about Swift?

Harry Styles' new song about Swift?

His next album will probably - hopefully - be an even bigger step away from accessibility for his One Direction fans and toward a brand new man. As expected, the artist has a few tracks that are nearly blatant in their storytelling - like "Two Ghosts" possibly being about his ex Taylor Swift, for example. Harry performed the track on May 9 during an appearance on the Today Show. "I wanted to be like, 'Yeah, I can - because that's what I wrote'". A lot of admirers believe that the song "Ever Since New York" is about the "Welcome To New York" singer but when Styles perform and everyone heard, the lyrics dismayed many fans. This girl was photographed with the celebrity once in 2016 when she was reportedly 17 years old, according to Hollywood Life.

"I think it's pretty, like, self-explanatory", Styles responded with hesitation.

"Anyway, i love this album very very very very much and i thank harry for what he does for us. loads of love for this baby". If so, Styles isn't saying. When the radio host questioned Styles about who the inspiration for Carolina was, Harry said the track was just about "someone from Carolina". However, when Grimshaw asked for a better explanation the singer attempted to elaborate.

Some fans were so amazed by Styles' new songs that they couldn't help but thank him for such attractive music.

Harry Styles is available now.

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Speculation is rife about the meaning of the song and one of the assumptions is that Styles got a girl from New Zealand pregnant.

On "Sign of the Times", Styles belts, "We never learn / We've been here before / Why are we always stuck and running from / The bullets, the bullets".

You can stream Styles' debut solo on Apple Music and purchase it on iTunes.

So, there you have it: "Kiwi" is purely fiction, and that comes straight from the horse's mouth.

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