Jewish leaders welcomes Emmanuel Macron's French victory

Jewish leaders welcomes Emmanuel Macron's French victory

Jewish leaders welcomes Emmanuel Macron's French victory

Macron defeated Marine Le Pen, a far-right nationalist who threatened to take France out of the European Union.

However, the former economy minister is in favor of joint bond issuance which, according to Jörg Krämer, would sharply reduce each euro zone government's motivation to pursue sensible fiscal policies. Macron has called to make them more flexible, which would include making it easier to hire and fire workers.

He has also promised to defend equal marriage, a legislation that Macron has deemed "an enrichment of what the family is in France that shows its importance to all of us". In a poll, 59 per cent of Macron voters said they supported him primarily to keep Le Pen from becoming president.

Macron must now commit to the kind of economic reforms that get the French government (which accounts for 57 percent of GDP and carries a GDP to debt ratio of 100 percent) out of the way, alleviating the economic pain it causes and dispelling the appeal of simplistic populists-these are reforms the European Union has sometimes suggested, but they are not the kinds of reforms wholeheartedly supported by other factions commenters like Reid insist the French election is a victory for.

Macron has a lot on his shoulders, knowing that if he fails to get results on issues like unemployment during his five years he could see the same fate as Hollande, who was so unpopular in France he became the first French president not stand for a second term.

"Nearly half the French electorate still voted for parties who ran on an anti-globalisation ticket".

Le Pen scored well on France's Mediterranean coast in the south east, getting close to 50 percent in many departments, like the Var, where she gained 49 percent.

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Macron had a sweeping victory with about 66.1% votes while 33.9% votes went to Le Pen's kitty.

"I look very much forward to working with him", Trump tweeted.

"I hope that the relations of friendship and cooperation between France and Israel will continue to expand and strengthen under your presidency".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed Mr Macron would be the first foreign leader to welcome the president-elect, after also being the first to speak on the phone to the ex banker since the result was announced.

"Europe and the world are waiting for us to defend the spirit of enlightenment, threatened in so many places".

While Macron appears to have bridged the traditional gap between right and left by gaining widespread support for his liberal-minded programme, he now must convince the country that he needs a clear majority in June's general elections to enforce his reforms.

A strong showing by the anti-capitalist Melenchon - who has vowed to block Macron's plans for labour reforms - would add to the uncertainty, making for an "ungovernable assembly", Braud added.

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