Liberals win tight poll in Canada's British Columbia, lose majority

Christy Clark claimed victory Tuesday night and said her B.C. Liberal Party will carry on, a razor-thin two seats ahead of the resurgent NDP. Pacific time on Wednesday, the Liberals held 43 seats, the NDP 41 and the Greens 3.

Kathryn Harrison, also a professor at UBC, says the Greens must weigh the risks of either choice, but the Liberals may wait to do any negotiating until after May 24, when a final count of ballots is expected.

Krog said although election results are unclear, it's clear to him that voters "weren't fond of Christy Clark and they wanted change".

"I do not regret a single moment", said Horgan, who was acclaimed the party's leader in 2014.

The Greens' and Liberals' campaign messages diverged widely on issues ranging from the environment to the foreign buyers' tax, and endorsing the Liberals too wholeheartedly could cost Mr. Weaver support in his core constituency.

The Liberals also won the popular vote by a narrow margin, with 734,018 votes (40.84%) compared to the NDP's 716,474 (39.86%) votes.

Conversely, the NDP teaming up with the Greens would give them a fragile minority government.

Across the North Shore's four ridings, Liberal support dropped by 7.46 per cent, while the Green vote share was up 13.26 per cent from the last election.

Horgan sought to portray Clark as out of touch with regular British Columbians who feel the economy is not working for them, while Weaver cast the Greens as political outsiders.

"BC Greens have said we can work with anyone", Weaver said.

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When the campaign kicked off April 11, the Liberals held 47 of the Legislature's 85 seats, the NDP had 35, the Greens one and there was one independent.

In the run up to the election, Weaver said that he had three make or break issues when it came to propping up a party in power, including ending corporate and union donations, a referendum on some form proportional representation, and a significant increase in education funding.

Leonard Krog of the NDP, who was re-elected as Nanaimo MLA, called Tuesday's provincial vote "a unique, historical result" and said it will be several weeks before it's known what the B.C. government is going to look like.

An unlikely but still possible scenario could see a coalition government of the NDP and Greens, the combination of which would have won in a dozen more ridings if not for vote splitting. A dialogue about how we do things, what we should do, how we want to shape the future of our province.

NDP leader John Horgan spoke later in the afternoon.

Clark endorsed the project after the federal government's approval, but Horgan has promised to use "every tool in the toolbox" to stop it.

"The big win for the Green Party is electoral reform because small parties like the Greens are forever disadvantaged by a first-past-the-post system".

Clark spent a good chunk of the campaign talking tough - taking on U.S. President Donald Trump over softwood lumber and insisting her opponents knew nothing about creating jobs or balancing budgets.

The B.C. Liberals are the party that approved the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which is set to start construction in the fall.

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