Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

The skit features Spicer using several props, including Russian nesting dolls, to explain the firing of former FBI Director James Comey to reporters.

Of course, when it's suggested that "Sanders" run the press briefings instead of Spicer from now on, "Spicer" can't take it.

Later, Melissa McCarthy reprised her role as Spicer.

McCarthy-Spicer ends up having a crisis of conscience after the press corps gets him thinking about why President Trump forces him to defend huge levels of scrutiny every day. The idea that nothing this White House can be believed because Trump's own staff don't know if they are being lied to has reached the pop culture status. Because he told us so. "Period. Then he hired lawyers to agree with him".

The unruly reporters won't let go of Spicey's rumored dismissal, provoking him to abruptly cut off the press briefing and zoom off to Manhattan on his motorized podium to confront a touchy-feely Trump.

A sample of the comments flowing into social media about the SNL kiss heard around the world between the sketch comedy's version of Mr. Trump and Spicer can be read below.

"I'm pretty sure I can see him hiding in those bushes?" one confused reporter said, as Spicer was peering through the windows into the press conference.

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Next week is the show's season finale, with Baldwin already locked down to play Trump. The faux President also opened the show in an interview with NBC anchor Lester Holt, who was played by Michael Che. Holt asks. Either way, it was SNL's turn to troll the Trump administration.

The show devoted an 8-minute sketch to the impression, which ended with McCarthy's Spicer finally meeting up with Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump.

Spicer asks if he's being fired and replaced by his deputy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Spicer shouted. "That's why I put them out".

"I've got to find Trump".

Later in the briefing a reporter asked if Spicer was surprised that he was sacked before Comey was.

And that sets off the trip to NY, where Spicer/McCarthy goes in search of his friend, first at the Trump Tower, later at the Trump National in Pine Hill, New Jersey, where Trump/Baldwin proceeds to assure him that his job is safe.

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