Moors Murderer Ian Brady dies aged 79 following illness

After his arrest, police rifled through Brady's books on sadism and perversion and found plans on how to dispose of Evans' body on the moors.

The crimes of Brady and Hindley - who died in prison in 2002 - shocked the nation as details of how the pair snatched children off the street, abused and tortured them to death were recalled during their trial at Chester Assizes.

The murderer, who was 79 when he passed away, was confirmed to have died in prison by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust. Recently he became seriously ill with emphysema.

Brady, who killed five children with lover Myra Hindley in the 1960s, never revealed where he dumped the body of 12-year-old Keith Bennett.

Four of the couple's victims were buried on Saddleworth Moor, near Manchester, while the remains of the fifth child were never found.

Brady was jailed in 1966 and had been at Ashworth since 1985.

Brady began a "hunger strike" at the high-secutiry Ashworth Hospital in 1999 but the decision to starve himself was later revealed as a sham.

His request was rejected after medical experts said he had chronic mental illness.

The savage nature of the Moors Murderers' killings made them among the most hated criminals in Britain.

The families of other victims of Brady have said his death has brought them closure.

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He was also convicted of the murder of John Kilbride and received three life sentences to run concurrently.

The apprentice engineer was lured to a home then shared by Hindley and Brady. Her body was buried on the moor but not found until 1987 when the pair finally confessed.

The spokesman was unable to confirm the cause of Brady's death, but said he had been given oxygen for a while.

The evil lovers kept a trophy of the killings, with Hindley holding her pet dog and posing for pictures on the edge of John's grave.

It was Brady and Hindley's next killing that sealed their reputation for pure wickedness - the murder of 10-year-old Lesley Ann Downey on Boxing Day in 1964.

Brady insisted she was as much to blame.

They recorded her at their home in Wardle Brook Avenue, Hattersley and her cries reduced the judge, jury, spectators and even hardened police officers to tears.

Had the Brady and Hindley not made a crucial blunder in involving Hindley's brother-in-law David Smith in their next enterprise, the murder of Edward Evans might not have been their last.

Hindley lured him into the back of her van, where Brady was waiting, by asking him to help load some boxes.

"But I really feel for Keith Bennett's brother Alan and the rest of his family - this probably means they'll never know where his body was buried".

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