Notre Dame, ACC announce games through 2037

Notre Dame, ACC announce games through 2037

Notre Dame, ACC announce games through 2037

Notre Dame and the Atlantic Coast Conference announced today that the Fighting Irish would continue to play ACC opponents five games a year through 2037.

The five-games-per-year agreement started in 2014 and had been scheduled out through 2025 until Thursday, when the two announced 12 more years of games - 60 contests in total, 30 home and 30 away. While it's hard to judge what will happen down the line, the ACC took it easy on Notre Dame - as they will not face Clemson any year they face FSU football while playing Virginia Tech (2036) and Miami (2032) just once when playing the Seminoles.

Notre Dame's partnership with the ACC, which requires the Irish to play five conference teams every season, began in 2014.

The two schools will also meet in 2037 in South Bend - 20 years from now for those who are mathematically challenged.

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Only one game has a specific date assigned so far.

The ACC had a 6-9 record against Notre Dame over the past three seasons. But Notre Dame's futuristic scheduling is even more extreme than the college norm.

The Irish will play at Clemson on August 30, 2031, and at Virginia Tech on September 1, 2036, continuing the ACC tradition of playing on Labor Day Monday night. Clemson's win in 2015 was a battle of Top 12 teams in a driving rain and it was gained the year before the Tigers won the 2016 National title.

Virginia adds future games with the Fighting Irish on the road in 2026 and 2034 and at home in 2031 and 2035. The others to do it are Florida State, Michigan, Nebraska and Ohio State.

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