Teens scale Golden Gate Bridge tower, perform stunts

Teens scale Golden Gate Bridge tower, perform stunts

Teens scale Golden Gate Bridge tower, perform stunts

As if standing at the height of 746ft wasn't enough of a thrill, the daring duo made a decision to dangle their entire bodies over the edge of one of the bridge's towers, with only their fingertips stopping them from making the long fall to the ground below. "And if they do, we will bring the full consequences that we can, both civilly and criminally, to bear upon them", Mulligan said. In April 2008, the bridge was scaled by two Sausalito men and an Oakland woman to protest China's treatment of Tibet and the impending arrival of the Olympic torch.

In a Facetime conversation with ABC 7's Lyanne Melendez, Teatime says that he and pal Tommy Rector didn't come to San Francisco with this particular feat in mind.

"The Golden Gate Bridge is not an amusement park ride", said Denis Mulligan, general manager of the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. "Where these individuals were and what they were engaged in could not have harmed the bridge, so it did not trigger alarms".

Unsurprisingly, San Francisco officials aren't taking news of the stunt lightly.

"Their behavior could have harmed motorists below", said Capt. Lisa Locati, who leads the Golden Gate Bridge patrol.

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"The Golden Gate Bridge is like the most famous bridge in the world-it's an iconic landmark and it's one of the tallest bridges of its type", Peter Teatime told CBS13 via Skype, "so we figured we'd give it a shot because I haven't seen that many people do it and we kind of wanted to be like the first and yeah-we just went for it".

Golden Gate Bridge officials became aware of the stunt a week and a half ago when they saw the video online, authorities said.

"To us, it's not nerve-racking", he said.

According to authorities, the bridge was not damaged by the climbers, but the fact that this was able to occur at all - without anyone finding out about it for more than a month - is definitely a concern.

The bridge district did not know about the climb when it happened, and changes are underway in the "security infrastructure" and monitoring of the cameras and patrolling on the bridge, Clemens said. "We weren't doing anything wrong", he says, adding that he can offer bridge officials tips on improving security. "Our security systems are developed to keep people from harming the structure".

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