Trump urges Russian Federation to rein in Syrian ally

Trump urges Russian Federation to rein in Syrian ally

Trump urges Russian Federation to rein in Syrian ally

"Russia's idea is in creation of four safety zones in the western part of Syria, the U.S. side thinks about two or three temporary zones of "de-escalation" and 'stabilization.' Both the proposals could be compatible in the end", de Mistura told Il Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Trump described his talks with Lavrov as "very, very good".

Trump in a recent phone conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin called for close collaboration between rival world powers to end bloodshed in Syria.

All signs are that the talks focused virtually exclusively on Syia, as Lavrov said that the U.S. sanctions against Russian Federation had not been addressed during the meeting. "We're going to stop the killing and the death (in Syria)".

Lavrov said his focus was primarily on the Syrian safe zones, a plan which President Trump had previously been in favor of, but which since Russian Federation backed them they are now extremely evasive about their posiition on. "So we'll look at the proposal and see if it can work".

Over the past six years, Moscow and Washington have sparred multiple times over the conflict in Syria, especially concerning Assad's fate.

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Several ceasefires have been agreed on since Syria's conflict broke out, but they have failed to stem the fighting.

Donald Trump's White House takeover has not brought the former Cold War adversaries closer to seeing eye to eye - and in early April the USA even launched direct military action against the Syrian regime in retaliation for a chemical attack for which it was blamed.

Both countries have recently indicated that relations under Trump have never been so bad, though Wednesday's meetings appeared rather cordial.

According to Russian defense official, the fact that the de-escalation agreement was supported by the United Nations, the USA and Saudi Arabia guaranteed its implementation.

Trump "also raised the possibility of broader cooperation on resolving conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere", the readout said.

Tillerson and Lavrov's meeting in Alaska comes 150 years after Washington purchased the USA state from Moscow.

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