World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day

New Delhi, May 3 "Shrinking spaces" for the media, violence against journalists and sliding work conditions came up during a discussion on press freedom here today.

He wrote: "Only the independence, the character, the objectivity and the good judgment of the journalist and the media can overcome the bad storms of the new world that threaten freedom of information everywhere".

The degree of freedom available to journalists in 180 countries is determined by pooling the responses of experts to a questionnaire devised by RSF. Because the circumstances that breed impunity remain, the drop in journalist killings past year could be a mere pause in what has become a habit of permanently silencing critical reporting and commentary.

Slightly more men had been harassed on social media.

In its ranking, Belarus is close to countries with a completely non-free press, the ranking neighbours are Ethiopia, Singapore and Swaziland (150-152 sites), Turkey, Brunei and the Democratic Republic of Congo (154-156).

Freedom of the Press Index 2016 rates Pakistan as "not free", and the country is ranked 147th out of 195 countries and territories worldwide based on overall press freedom.

Trump moves to lift bans on Arctic drilling
That includes millions of acres in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans that Obama withdrew permanently from drilling in December 2016. Since taking office, Trump has taken a number of steps aimed at establishing "energy dominance" for the United States.

Afghan Taliban announce start of 'spring offensive'
Around ten Taliban insurgents disguised as members of the military forced their way on to the base last Friday. They are largely conducting a training, advise and assist mission aimed at supporting Afghan forces.

Serena Williams debuts baby bump, poses with fiance at Met Gala
That killer smile, soulful eyes and ideal skin have long turned heads, but never has she looked as lovely as she does right now. The 35-year-old tennis pro attended the 2017 Met Gala in NY with her fiance Alexis Ohanian.

While we are in Gambia celebrating WPFD2017, the MFWA takes the opportunity to salute journalists and the media community across West Africa who are driving change and advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies. Since the failed coup, Erdogan's government shutdown at least 156 media outlets, forced the firing of 2,500 journalists, and jailed over 120.

To him, Cameroonian journalists must press for reforms that will protect them from attacks and give them access to have information hitch free.

"We have reached the age of post-truth, propaganda, and suppression of freedoms - especially in democracies", they declared.

She said: "Today, I call on everyone to sharpen their minds to defend the freedoms that are essential for justice and peace".

Under the premise "Critical minds for critical times", the global entity highlights the role of the media in moving towards more peaceful, just and inclusive societies. Elsewhere in Africa, Lesotho Times editor Lloyd Mutungamiri narrowly survived a shooting after being attacked by unknown gunmen a year ago.

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