At least 26 injured after plane hits turbulence over China

At least 26 injured after plane hits turbulence over China

At least 26 injured after plane hits turbulence over China

Twenty-six people aboard China Eastern Airlines Flight MU774 were injured after their plane hit a pocket of rough air on its way into the Yunnan capital of Kunming, at least one of whom claims he was fearful for his life during the ordeal. At least four people were in a serious condition, it said. "(We) remind all passengers, for your safety, please fasten safety belts", it said.

'We felt strong turbulence twice and minor turbulence three times.

This was the second incident the airline has encountered within a week.

The plane landed around 9am local time (2am Irish time), an hour later than scheduled, according to Xinhua.

Some passengers suffered fractures after they hit the overhead lockers in the wake of the turbulence. One passenger told Xinhua that the plane was almost full. In the span of 10 minutes, the Airbus A330 experienced two violent bumps along with several smaller bumps. "Even in these cases, the aircraft was able to land safely".

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"Our results suggest that climate change will lead to bumpier transatlantic flights by the middle of this century", the researchers said.

And while pilots can sometimes avoid the turbulence that comes with bad weather, other invisible rough patches are near-impossible to avoid.

According to the site, some of the passengers were thrown from their seats when turbulence struck.

One injured passenger said: "We applauded when the plane landed safely".

Just a week earlier, a China Eastern flight from Sydney to Shanghai was forced to turn around after its flight crew noticed a hole in the plane's engine just moments after taking off.

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