Celebrities React To Bill Cosby Mistrial

Cosby's trial ended without a verdict after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision.

Cosby said in that decade-old testimony that he had given Constand a non-prescription allergy medication, Benadryl, to relax her because she said she was stressed. "I t's important for the jury to be informed that there are more accusers, and if those accusers allege same or similar facts", she said.

Constand was the Temple University women's basketball team manager, and Cosby was a significant donor to the school, as well as a member of the board of trustees. The jury deliberated for more than 52 hours over six days.

However, prosecutors said they would retry Cosby and he still faces a slew of civil lawsuits.

Lawyers for Andrea Constand issued a statement on her behalf Saturday.

Cosby - who is legally blind and carries a cane - then had to endure a taxing trial, the attorney said. Prosecutors have suggested he gave her something stronger, possibly quaaludes. He says it was consensual.

If they can't break the deadlock, O'Neill could declare a hung jury and a mistrial. "She's entitled to a verdict in this case", said Steele.

The district attorney at the time declined to press charges, citing insufficient evidence. Lawyer Brian McMonagle also anxious that some jurors might compromise "their views and their values" for the sake of reaching a unanimous decision.

The entertainer's wife of 53 years, Camille, slammed prosecutors for bringing the case to court, calling Steele "heinously and exploitively ambitious" in a statement released after the trial.

The jury appeared unable to agree on which version of the night in question to believe: Constand's or Cosby's.

Spokesman Andrew Wyatt said Saturday that "Cosby's power is back".

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His depositions in that case, however, were unsealed by a federal judge in 2015, revealing his admissions that he had given sedatives to young women in the 1970s and prompting prosecutors to reopen the case. "Overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney", it said. She also attacked the judge, the accuser's lawyers and the media.

As the Associated Press reported, seven women are suing Cosby for defamation in MA, where he maintains a home: Tamara Green; Linda Traitz; Louisa Moritz; Joan Tarshis; Angela Leslie; Barbara Bowman and Therese Serignese, the latter two of whom attended the criminal trial.

Cosby's defense lawyers, however, argued that Constand's account could not be trusted after they pointed to numerous discrepancies in her statements to police in 2005, when she first reported the encounter, which occurred almost a year earlier.

She filed a lawsuit that Cosby settled for an undisclosed sum.

Cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

The jury had been instructed by the judge to work into the weekend to reach a verdict, after they first revealed that they were deadlocked on the case on Thursday.

Sixty women, including Constand, have accused Cosby of drugging and/or sexually assaulting them, or attempting to do so. Cosby is appealing a ruling allowing Dickinson's case to proceed.

Since Bill Cosby is legally blind, McMonagle stated that the trial itself was extremely taxing on his health, and is anxious that it could be possible that his client may not survive another trial.

The jury resumed deliberations Saturday over whether the 79-year-old TV star drugged and molested a woman in his Philadelphia-area home in 2004. It wasn't immediately known how many jurors wanted to convict and how many wanted to acquit.

McMonagle said it was up to Cosby whether he would represent him in court again.

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