Coconut Oil Might Not Be As Healthy As You Think

Coconut Oil Might Not Be As Healthy As You Think

Coconut Oil Might Not Be As Healthy As You Think

Coconut oil, it turns out, is not the health food people think it is. Though encouraging, simply consuming healthier fats can't replace statins completely, according to Frank Sacks, MD, the lead author on the advisory and a professor of cardiovascular disease prevention in the department of nutrition at Harvard University.

Like a gluten-free lifestyle, Hensrud said benefits of coconut oil aren't supported by good data.

Dr. Vallabhan says that's why you shouldn't cook with it. "So, essentially it keeps cholesterol circulating at higher levels and that gets into the arteries and causes inflammation and eventually ruptures the artery wall and causes a heart attack", explained Dr. In addition, many websites and some news reports are touting the health benefits of saturated fats in the diet.

In the report, the AHA says that coconut oil is nearly made entirely of saturated fat - 82 percent, to be exact.

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The report comes from research conducted by the Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease advisory who ran seven controlled trials where they compared coconut oil with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils.

Speaking about coconut oil, Sacks adds: "I just don't know who is pushing it, but it's not scientists". To minimize risk, the AHA recommends a diet with no more than 13 grams of saturated fat a day (one tablespoon of coconut oil has 12 grams of saturated fat).

"A lot of the coconut oil that this person was using in the study was 100 percent medium chain triglyceride". That's similar to the percentage achieved by cholesterol-lowering drugs. The organisation has advised reducing saturated fat intake to limit cardiovascular disease risk since 1961.

"I'm a huge fan of olive oil, avocado oil, walnut oil and even grapeseed oil", she said. It has some of the same properties as olive oil, plus it has a high smoke point - meaning, it's safe to cook at high temperatures.

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