Everything announced at the PlayStation E3 2017 conference

The game will be out on PS4 in 2018.

In the almost nine minute video, gamers had the chance to see Spidey in action against two New York-based criminal organizations: the men loyal to Wilson Fisk, and the Demons, a newer gang that is looking to muscle in on the Kingpin's territory.

However, it's obvious that Insomniac is taking some inspiration from the Spider-Man lore.

The Xbox One also retailed at $499 when it was launched in November 2013, making it more expensive than its biggest rival: The $399 PlayStation 4. It's not clear if most of the game's action sequences will be like that or not, but it was visually impressive, at least.

Sony has been developing this project as the beginning of a planned series of Marvel games that Vice President of Games Jay Ong referred to as a "new era" in superhero gaming for the company.

Seahawks' RB Eddie Lacy hits second weight clause marker
For the record, none of those gentlemen pictured here are not Lacy , though the Seahawks are hoping to ride him this year. If Lacy is able to continue to be in shape and underweight, he'll be a huge asset for the Seahawks this season.

Up high? Too slow! Corbyn's high-five ends in awkward thud
Deciding to go in for the kill anyway, in a moment of confusion, he actually ended up whacking her on the chest. Then it all went a bit wrong, as Corbyn went in for a high five, and Thornberry withdrew her hand.

Spicer won't say whether Trump has confidence in Sessions
According to the New York Times , Trump blamed Sessions for the involvement of Mueller in the Russian investigation. Sessions remains at the Justice Department, where a spokeswoman told CNN that he is not stepping down.

The PS4 has not only surpassed the 60-million mark, but Sony also revealed that its console owners have also purchased 487.8 million retail and digital copies.

On top of that, they have exclusive content from Destiny 2, Call of Duty World War II and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. What role he'll play in the game, whether he'll become another Spidey and be playable, and many other questions pop to mind, but for now, we just have to be excited he's there at all. Coming 2018 to PS4.

After being pleasantly surprised by Farpoint, I'm all for more VR first-person shooters. Either way, I really want to play this VR game with a unsafe, swashbuckling mouse.

Detroit does not look like standard Quantic Dream fare and actually looks like the movements are fluid and the story looks engaging as you lead an Android rebellion with what looks like Jesse Williams at the helm. Potentially, new gameplay footage and a release window for both titles may be unveiled. That said, there were quite a few quick-time events that could sour the deal.

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