Gmail to stop reading your messages for targeted ads

Gmail to stop reading your messages for targeted ads

Gmail to stop reading your messages for targeted ads

Google announced that it was making a change and would stop scanning users' personal emails in an attempt to show them online ads that cater to their interests. Google Cloud provides software as a service called G-Suite which allows people to access services like Gmail, document creating/editing software and cloud storage all from the Internet.

For the unintended, the G Suite is company's solution for enterprises, which offers a host of services including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Google Drive etc.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has made a decision to stop scanning Gmail accounts scanning which was aimed at delivering personalized ads by establishing what users were interested in by introducing the same features on G Suite. Users can change the settings at any time, including disabling ads personalisation. Sure, you can go into Google settings and turn off ad personalization to stop the targeted ads, but data will still be collected by the Alphabet subsidiary. These settings, including ad personalisation, can be customised, letting customers opt out of targeted data collection entirely.

The new blog post says that Google's G Suite will remain ad free.

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Gmail will still feature ads for users of the free, consumer version.

Google continues blowing its own trumpet, talking of its 1.2 billion Gmail users, and claiming to be the most successful company at blocking users from cyber nasties such as spam, hacking and fishing. Privacy advocates, such as Consumer Watchdog, have raised concerns with Google in the past, according to the Guardian. The company revealed that it has more than 3 million paying corporate customers that are subscribed to G suite.

The suit was specifically brought on behalf of non-Gmail users, who didn't agree to have their emails scanned under Google's Terms of Service. However, the changes will come into effect only later this year.

We can not be the people that tells our children and grandchildren what the concept of privacy once meant, and why we no longer have it.

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