In 10 years, Apple sold 1.2 billion iPhones

In 10 years, Apple sold 1.2 billion iPhones

In 10 years, Apple sold 1.2 billion iPhones

The video, created in collaboration with Tiger Mobiles, showcases the iPhone 8 from all possible angles. From apps to games, it populated their digital shopfront. More processing power, better battery life, and iOS 11 are also expected of the new iPhone. For example, at least one mint condition first generation iPhone, offered on eBay at $4,000, has been online for 20 days so far with no takers.

The iPhone 3GS, launched in 2009, had an S for "speed".

The original iPhone turned heads when it was launched, with a 3.5-inch display and no physical keyboard.

This restriction led ABI principal mobile broadband analyst Philip Solis to declare: "We must conclude at this point that, based on our current definition, the iPhone is not a smartphone; it is a very high-end feature phone". Did you wait for a more advanced model? It wasn't until 2008 and the release of the iPhone 3G, that the company's industry altering smartphone was finally available here. He looked out over the next few years, and one interesting nugget in his report is that he sees iPhone growth peaking in fiscal 2019. The vertical layout of the dual cameras is definitely something that needs to get used to and might rub some the wrong way. This is how all Apple employees would refer to the upcoming smartphone, though this isn't the only preventative measure Steve Jobs put in place to ensure word of the device wouldn't spread... The company sold a record 4 million units on launch weekend that year.

We are roughly three months away from Apple's iPhone 8 launch, and everyday rumors and leaks continue to pour in. Firstly they were cheap, and for the first time they came up with the colourful versions of iPhone 5C. Judging by the excitement that still builds around Apple's keynotes ten years on, we were spot on.

CNET loved the handset's "stunning display" and "sleek design", although it didn't like its "variable call quality" and had to "sync the iPhone to manage music content".

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There's no home button on the front. The 5S featured the latest 64 bit processor for the first time with the A7 processor. The company claims it had also received CAD models of the new phone from the supply chain, and has already designed a leather/polycarbonate case to match it. It's a feature Samsung has been trying to deliver, but hasn't been able to get right. They can stream HD-quality video on massive displays, they come outfitted with almost professional-grade cameras, and they can even control various appliances around your house with a few taps.

Munster is speculating on Apple Glasses, of course. I mean, c'mon have you tried portrait mode?

It's safe to say the iPhone has changed everything, but experts say something even bigger is on the way. However, the phone received widespread criticism as Apple removed the headphone jack, with many Apple fans giving the lack of a headphone jack as the reason they did not buy the phone.

Starting with the basics, modern smartphones like the iPhone 7 are staggeringly powerful when compared to the first iPhone. The camera has also empowered every iPhone owner to become a content creator. Or vice versa. The smooth rounded edges of the iPhone 8 is nothing we haven't seen before.

It goes without saying that these 15 iPhones set the benchmark for the industry to follow be it their design, their camera or anything else!

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