It's Too Hot For Some Planes To Fly In Phoenix

It's Too Hot For Some Planes To Fly In Phoenix

It's Too Hot For Some Planes To Fly In Phoenix

A regional heat advisory issued by the National Weather Service will be in effect from 11 a.m. Tuesday to 9 p.m. Wednesday. June is the driest month of the year in Phoenix, with only 0.02 of an inch of rain on average. The record high was 122 degrees, recorded June 26, 1990.

Phoenix is the hottest big city in America, with summer temperatures regularly rising above 100 degrees, and on rare occasions even beyond 120.

Drinking it, splashing in it to stay cool, and drinking it some more.

The National Weather Service forecast Tuesday's high as 120 degrees for Phoenix.

"We have homeless people come from a long way to sit here", longtime volunteer Moses Elder said. Triple-digit highs are in the forecast from Arizona to Northern California - including the Sierra Mountains.

Pilot Smith said electronics overheat, brake temperatures run high and internal machinery gets overly hot and then toss in ground temperatures racing past 110 degrees "and things begin to break down".

The reason it can get so hot in the Southwest is that the humidity is so low. Breezy west winds are forecast each afternoon. It comes as researchers say deadly heat waves like this one are going to grow more frequent.

Meanwhile, emergency officials in Phoenix are hoping not to have a repeat of a year ago when there were 130 heat-related deaths. Spokesman Ross Feinstein says the late afternoons are the peak affected times.

The airline, which operates its second-busiest hub at Charlotte Douglas International Airport with around 650 daily flights, is offering American flyers the option to change their plans without a fee.

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Forecasters also warned Phoenix could hit 120 degrees this week.

The extreme heat in Phoenix led to the cancellation of almost 50 flights on Monday and Tuesday, according to the Arizona Republic. Now, airlines have a better understanding, but the heat is still a concern - primarily for smaller, regional jets.

Extreme heat creates changes in the air density that make it harder for airplanes to take off. Airlines respond by imposing weight restrictions, such as carrying less cargo and fuel. Phoenix is the second-fastest warming city in the USA over the past 50 years while Las Vegas comes in at third and Tucson at seventh.

In addition to grounding flights of smaller planes, airlines have been taking other measures on larger jets to reduce their weight because of the heat. Sweat makes your skin feel cooler and some heat is removed as it evaporates.

Bhow said patients can present with a variety of illnesses - ranging from a simple heat rash to a severe heat stroke.

The forecast called for a high of 120 degrees (49 degrees Celsius) in Phoenix, 119 in Palm Springs, California, and 126 in Death Valley.

Utah broke temperature records last summer, according to the Associated Press.

Other parts of the state have the same desert landscape as Phoenix, and many of those places are farther south and closer to the equator.

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