Luke Air Force Base grounds F-35 after hypoxia incidents

Luke Air Force Base grounds F-35 after hypoxia incidents

Luke Air Force Base grounds F-35 after hypoxia incidents

The Air Force said the incidents first began on 2 May and during each "the aircraft's backup oxygen system operated as designed" and the jets were able to land safely.

This is the second time the Air Force's F-35A Lightning II jets have been grounded since the fifth-generation jet was declared fit for service past year. He initially said flying would resume Saturday but later said he had been mistaken.

There are more than 200 F-35's deployed at air bases around the world.

There have been no previous groundings of the F-35 for life support issues, though there are other safety issues that have placed restrictions on pilots that have already been addressed. The cancellation affects approximately 49 pilots, who will spend the day receiving briefings from wing officials on the hypoxia incidents and what the pilots did to recover the plane. Gen. Brook Leonard, 56th Fighter Wing commander in the statement to Business Insider. A similar problem had grounded Navy training flights in April. "We are taking the necessary steps to find the root cause of these incidents".

The Lockheed-Martin-made F-35A - the Pentagon's most expensive weapons acquisition program to date - is set to head to the Paris Air Show later this month to conduct a flight demonstration with jets from Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

Then-Pentagon spokesman George Little said investigators found the cause to be a faulty valve in the high-pressure vest worn by the pilots at extreme altitude, which was restricting their ability to breathe.

Air Force grounds F-35 squadron after oxygen deprivation issues
UPDATE 1-Lockheed F-35 jets grounded at Luke Air Force Base -USAF

The Navy's F/A-18 fighter jet pilots experienced a rising rate of "physiological episodes", Navy officials told Congress in March.

Lockheed Martin, the Virginia-based manufacturers of the F-35, the have sent an "action team" of engineers and maintenance specialists to examine the incidents, Graff said.

Hypoxia was previously a concern for the Air Force's F-22 Raptor.

He continued: "Flight medicine will brief physiological event symptoms and also the extensive measures that are being taken to analyze data collected from the incidents".

Graff also stated in the email that the aircraft should be back in the air on Monday. It took the Air Force years to convincingly demonstrate they had fixed the problem.

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