Trump delays effective date of travel ban amid court battle

Trump delays effective date of travel ban amid court battle

Trump delays effective date of travel ban amid court battle

"Intl-Regugee-Assistance-Amicus_6.9.17.pdf">brief filed by the nonprofits Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) and Public Policy Legal Institute (PPLI) urges the high court to grant review of a lower court decision that struck down Trump's executive order banning travel to the individuals from six Muslim-majority countries.

Trump's planned drop-by for the official investiture of Justice Neil Gorsuch comes as the president's lawyers make nearly daily filings with the justices in an attempt to revive his ban on refugees and travelers from six mostly Muslim countries.

The Virginia court ruled that the 90-day suspension of visas for citizens of Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia, signed by Trump on March 6, was unconstitutional because it discriminated against Muslims.

President Donald Trump once told opponents of his travel ban that he'd see them in court, and he's doing everything he can to keep that promise.

Last month, CAIR similarly welcomed a ruling by the full panel of 13 judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in Richmond, Va., that refused to lift a nationwide injunction blocking President Trump's revised "Muslim ban".

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Because of the conflict with immigration law, the judges said they didn't need to consider whether it also violated the Constitution's prohibition on the government favoring or disfavoring any religion. If the Supreme Court grants the stay, the ban would immediately go into effect. Though the ban never took effect, thanks to nationwide injunctions issued in Hawaii and Maryland, opponents have argued that the cases over the ban will become moot when the term expires.

In response, the DOJ on June 1 filed a petition for review of that Fourth Circuit decision in the Supreme Court, and-although no opinion had yet been issued-on a pending appeal in the Ninth Circuit in Donald Trump et al v.

The justices are weighing what to do with the president's ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries. The state of Hawaii has suggested a shorter briefing schedule.

A federal judge first blocked Trump's initial travel ban in early February.

The White House released a memorandum on Wednesday indicating the effective date of the revised travel ban, originally March 16, is now "delayed or tolled until those injunctions are lifted or stayed". "I think we can all attest that these are very risky times and we need every available tool at our disposal to prevent terrorists from entering the United States". Whatever the Supreme Court does in this case, we probably haven't heard the end of the president's efforts to fulfill one of the basest, most un-American promises of his campaign.

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