Ward demands pound-for-pound recognition after Kovalev stoppage

Ward demands pound-for-pound recognition after Kovalev stoppage

Ward demands pound-for-pound recognition after Kovalev stoppage

On board of directors for Jim Murray Memorial Foundation.

"That one's probably borderline - he was hurt, I went right back there again, he wasn't reacting, right back there again and the referee stopped it".

The decision aside, it was a great fight featuring two of the absolute best boxers in the world.

"We will take a look at it". And it's over. Tony Weeks stops the action as Ward is pummeling Kovalev.

"Ward won't be the bigger fighter against Kovalev, but he's both strong enough and intelligent enough to know that slowing down the pace of the fight - especially if things get hairy - and tying Kovalev up after landing a single punch is a default option he can lean on". Ward was considered someone who could frustrate Kovalev with his game, but early on it was Ward who was frustrated, and Kovalev's power really put him on his heels.

Kovalev seemed to get the early advantage with his aggressiveness as he pressed forward with his punches while backing Ward up with a straight jab.

Controversy?Perhaps one could say the stoppage was premature but Kovalev was doubled over and not defending himself Fights have been stopped for lesser reasons.

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Kovalev's promoter Kathy Duva hit out at the timing of the Mayweather-McGregor announcement. They surely didn't feel very good, nor were they legal. "HBO was here when we started, and it's going to be here long after we're all gone".

In his post-fight interview, Kovalev questioned the intervention of Weeks and suggested that he had received an illegal punch. The people that were going to come out are still going to come out. The sport is just now enjoying an upswing after the backlash from that disappointing fight. "It's a huge spectacle". Kovalev doubled over in an effort to sway Weeks into calling a halt for illegal punches, but the veteran third man deemed them legal and made a decision to waive off the fight, much to Kovalev's dismay. Not only did Kovalev ignore his obligations, but Roc Nation president Michael Yormark didn't do anyone any favors when he then proceeded to bury Kovalev to the media.

"Only a low blow (hurt me)", he added, before watching video of the end of the fight and observing: "Low blow - and I felt this".

"Sergey has no following", Yormark said. "He can't sell pay-per-view".

Andrew Ward (left) proved that his previous win over Sergey Kovalev was not a gift.

He may also finally get his place atop the unofficial pound-for-pound ratings that boxing fans like to debate.

"Then I hurt him with a head shot and I just had to get the right shots in there to get him all the way and we did that".

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