AirAsia flight suffers mid-air emergency after hitting birds

AirAsia flight suffers mid-air emergency after hitting birds

AirAsia flight suffers mid-air emergency after hitting birds

The embattled airline said a "suspected bird strike" to the plane's starboard engine had forced the pilot to land just over an hour into Monday's worldwide flight.

JEDDAH: A jet liner carrying 359 people was forced to make an emergency landing after a suspected bird strike left passengers shaken.

"Someone said the engine's on fire and we should pray but mostly everyone remained calm and everyone clapped when the plane landed safely", he said.

Boon and his friends from Penang Forward Sports Club (PFSC) were among the 345 passengers and 14 crew on board flight D7207.

"Two bird remains were found on the runway", the company said in a statement.

'AirAsia X Flight D7 207 was diverted after experiencing a suspected bird strike to its starboard engine, ' the airline said in a statement.

"I could see an orange light coming from the windows", he said.

Tim Joga, 31, told the Sydney Morning Herald that he heard about "four or five bangs" coming from the right-side before noticing flames coming out of the engine on that side.

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The turbulence was so severe on flight D7237 that the pilot asked passengers to pray twice.

"The flight took off and three minutes after the engine failed already, flames really went through it all".

Mr Gibson praised the actions of the pilot and said CASA would review the incident but wasn't considering any other action.

That flight landed safely and investigations are continuing.

The aircraft, registered 9M-XXT (MSN 1549), was operating flight D7207 from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur when the incident happened.

The Malaysian airline said it was arranging a special flight to take the passengers to Kuala Lumpur.

The company said it complied with all safety standards set by the countries it operates in, including Australia.

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