Game modes for Splatoon 2 detailed

Game modes for Splatoon 2 detailed

Game modes for Splatoon 2 detailed

Nintendo has confirmed today that the Nintendo Switch smartphone application Nintendo Switch Online will launch on July 21st for mobile devices.

For Nintendo Switch owners, this will be their first chance to try out the Nintendo Switch Online app and service, which will be free until sometime next year.

That's not it though, SplatNet 2 is just one part of a larger companion app called Nintendo Switch Online.

In addition to stage schedules, SplatNet 2 will display information like player stats and gear, as well as a player's Lifetime Inkage, which compares the amount of turf a player has covered in ink to locations in the real world. More details about the apps will be reported as they're revealed.

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Customization is much more varied in Splatoon 2, including eye color, hair style, and skin tone.

The Direct went into a lot of detail about weapons, gear, shops, and game modes, most of which will seem very familiar to those that played the original on Wii U. The app is designed as an extension (and requirement) for using Switch online services, with game-specific features that increase your engagement in the iOS/Android app. Just how fresh are you?

If you're planning on making a big splash with Splatoon 2, you'll certainly want to take advantage of these new augments meant to make multiplayer even simpler. The online app will automatically set up voice chat for teams, as well as full stat tracking down to performance with different stages and weapons.

The store is still getting ready for its grand opening at the moment, but should be available in a future update so check back soon!

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