Oculus Rift, Touch Bundle are now $399 for the summer

Oculus Rift, Touch Bundle are now $399 for the summer

Oculus Rift, Touch Bundle are now $399 for the summer

If you've been on the fence about Oculus Rift, the now is absolutely the time to hop on board.

Facebook said it has provided more than $250 million in funding to developers to drive more content for the Rift.

Then, four months ago, Oculus chose to reduce the overall price of the Rift and Touch, allowing users to buy the entire set-up for $600.

In a surprise overnight announcement via its blog, Oculus has announced a significant price drop on its Rift VR headset. The headset alone initially launched at $599 previous year before seeing its first price drop in March to $499. Today we learn that the harsh reality for Facebook-owned Oculus is that sales of its premium Rift virtual reality headsets have not taken off.

"Somebody who goes out and buys a Rift (on sale) is not going to find themselves with hardware that's outdated any time soon", he said.

Normally an Oculus Rift and two Touch controllers would set you back £599, but for the next six weeks it'll cost only £399.

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Analysts at SuperData estimated the Rift had sold about 240,000 units through the beginning of February, well behind sales estimates for both the cheaper PlayStation VR and the more expensive HTC Vive (not to mention less powerful mobile-based competition).

Before this year the Oculus cut its price.

"We think that [a £399] price point is very mass market", Rubin said. Together, the two are sold as part of a bundle for around $820.

If you really want a screen to strap to your head just in time for the summer, your luck's in. Those price cuts were made as the Rift reached its first birthday.

By offering its VR hardware at a discounted price, the company is hoping that more people will buy and adopt the technology which features high-quality immersive gaming and entertainment media.

Facebook kicked off the tech industry's push into VR with its purchase of Oculus for $2 billion in 2014.

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