Rep. Trent Franks: British Judiciary Holding Charlie Gard 'Hostage'

Rep. Trent Franks: British Judiciary Holding Charlie Gard 'Hostage'

Rep. Trent Franks: British Judiciary Holding Charlie Gard 'Hostage'

The parents of a critically ill British baby have a few days to compile new evidence their son would benefit from experimental treatment in the United States, a judge said on Monday, adding that he would not be swayed by global interest. He could be my child, or your child, or any one of us.

"If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the United Kingdom and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so", President Trump tweeted. Charlie's parents are now appealing the decision in the the U.K.'s High Court of Justice. They raised the funds required to do so through an online crowdfunding campaign.

But the judge insists there has to be "new and powerful" evidence to reverse earlier rulings that barred Charlie from travelling overseas for treatment and authorised London's Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to take him off life support.

"Doctors and the judiciary have said that, not only is there no hope, but rather than release Charlie to the care of his parents, they have also omnisciently chose to literally hold him hostage - insisting not only that Charlie must die but that he also must be in their "care" when he does", Franks wrote.

"The moment a human life can begin to be measured on a sliding scale - when lawmakers and doctors decide what "life is unworthy of life" - this is the moment our humanity itself begins to unravel", he added.

But British and European courts have so far sided with the hospital's decision that the 11-month-old's life support should end, saying therapy would not help and would cause more suffering.

Charlie Gard
UK court rehears Charlie Gard case in light of new evidence

The London court's judge, Mr Justice Francis said he would be "delighted" to reverse the decision he made in April not to allow the young boy to be flown to the U.S. for medical care, but that it would take "drastic" new evidence for him to do so.

A protest was staged outside Colchester Town Hall to raise awareness of Charlie's struggle and the legal battle his parents are facing. A USA doctor has also proposed treatment for Gard. Surely, they love their child no less than I love mine; maybe they are just fiercer fighters. However, he said he would consider any new evidence given in 48 hours and would examine the couple's arguments "calmly and fairly".

So I find myself ready to argue that these outsiders, the doctors and lawyers, should butt out.

Charlie's case will be heard by Mr Justice Francis at 2pm, according to a High Court listing.

Who will care for Charlie if he does have treatment?

FAMILES came together to demonstrate their support for the family of Charlie Gard, who is desperately ill.

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