SEC Media Days: Houston Nutt lawsuit, Hugh Freeze, and Ole Miss fans

SEC Media Days: Houston Nutt lawsuit, Hugh Freeze, and Ole Miss fans

SEC Media Days: Houston Nutt lawsuit, Hugh Freeze, and Ole Miss fans

Former Ole Miss head football coach Houston Nutt filed a federal lawsuit against the university today alleging defamation. I mean there was quite a bit to choose from so let's get started.

Freeze went on to point to the fact that no Ole Miss players have departed from the program in response to the NCAA investigation as evidence that "something is right inside the walls, between the relationships we have with our coaches and our players". But if Freeze is still talking about the allegations and integrity of the program a year from now, the Rebels might not be relevant for much longer.

John Daughaday told Local 24, "Since we're on the topic of Houston Nutt, he kinda, I hate to say he drug us down, but when he left in 2011 we were down bad".

Nutt, 59, alleges the smear campaign by Ole Miss has kept him from getting another coaching job and that under MS law he is entitled to lost wages, emotional distress, embarrassment, attorney's fees and punitive damages.

Nutt was the Ole Miss football coach from 2008 to '11. The suit also alleges that Ole Miss withheld an updated Notice of Allegations (which featured Freeze's name "48 times" and made no mention of Nutt) from the public for four months from February to June of this year.

That "campaign" was allegedly carried out by members of the media.

However, since this is the summer of lawsuits in the State of Mississippi I figure there is a good attorney somewhere drafting a class-action suit on behalf of Ole Miss football fans.

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It is common knowledge among sports journalists that Coach Freeze does not take kindly to criticism.

Nutt's lawsuit alleges that Freeze and Bjork promoted a false storyline that suggested that most of the ongoing case of NCAA infractions involved violations that occurred under Nutt.

"These personal characteristics contributed to Coach Freeze's decision to play the leading role in the self-serving smear campaign that foreseeably damaged Coach Nutt's reputation", the lawsuit says.

Thursday, Freeze cited the effect negative attention has had on his family.

The biggest risk for Ole Miss is to rally around Freeze and have it backfire, because the consequences won't be unlimited snark on social media. All unfortunate and regrettable.

"Seems like every year I've stood here, with the exception of my first, that there's other things that I have to talk about other than our kids", he said.

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