Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Hasn't Committed to Sequel

Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Hasn't Committed to Sequel

Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Hasn't Committed to Sequel

Watts was wise in casting Tom Holland to play this new Spider-Man.

We can't get enough of Zendaya and Tom Holland's IRL moments together ahead of their Spider-Man: Homecoming debut.

Holland, 21, stopped by ABC News' "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about the role and why it isn't the same story fans have seen over and over. He was never one of my favorite Spidey villains. First of all, no Uncle Ben.

Once again, Marvel proved us wrong: Tom Holland is, indeed, the flawless man for the job. The portrayal of Vulture in this movie made him feel like a serious threat. And this is a ideal goal for a character in high school, as Parker repeatedly texts his Avengers contact, Happy, trying to get in touch with Tony Stark like an obsessed boyfriend.

The movie has also consistently dominated social media in recent weeks, aided by a clever marketing campaign that plays on Holland's teenage angst. He doesn't have Gwen Stacy like Garfield's Parker and doesn't pine for Mary Jane like Maguire. While Green Goblin would be an obvious addition, the whole Osborn saga has been done to death in the Raimi and Webb films.

Homecoming now dazzling in theaters, those that have seen the movie know that Glover does not play Miles Morales, but rather a small-time criminal named Aaron Davis. "Is that really how you view me?" "And I just tried to make my movement as goofy as possible and it translated pretty well". Imagine right now you found out your best friend was a superhero, how would you act? "He's a character I've been pretending to be in my bedroom since I was a kid - so I've been preparing for this forever, I think".

"Well, you should definitely do that", Holland immediately said. So life-threatening is Keaton's villainy, our heart goes out to Spidey as he gets thrashed, dropped from the skies and buried under tons of rubble.

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"Am I?" she says drily.

This led into the jokes he had to deal with from "Civil War" co-stars like Anthony Mackie (The Falcon), who called him a diva in interviews.

"The AR experience for Homecoming is much more tailored to the audience's love for photos and sharing", said Yim.

Michelle/M.J. -whose last name we still don't know-will be even harder to box into damsel-in-distress territory, thanks to all the agency she's been given already. No, not the comely aunt but his cute, podgy best buddy Ned (Jacob Batalon) who startles a teacher (with a lie) about watching porn when he ought to have been attending the school social. Spider-Man: Homecoming spends a lot of time explaining how a grown man comes to put on giant mechanical wings and engage in a battle royale with a 15-year-old boy.

"We considered making her a pro bono lawyer, but didn't want her to wear suits", she told The Guardian. But the unbelievable thing, again, is Peter learns he needs Ned. We will check them for you Monday morning on "Good Morning Richmond". Unusual but also thank you for not making us watch the same scene for the third time. The suit becomes a crutch for the narrative and Spider-Man himself.

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