First human West Nile Virus cases confirmed in the county

First human West Nile Virus cases confirmed in the county

First human West Nile Virus cases confirmed in the county

Covering up with light-coloured clothes, long sleeves and trousers when outdoors or while in areas where mosquito activity is high.

Last year, 13 cases of West Nile infection were reported among Wisconsin residents.

Ontario saw outbreaks of the virus in 2002 with 395 human cases and in 2012 when 220 confirmed and probable cases were tallied.

The Ohio Department of Health said that West Nile virus is most commonly spread by infected mosquitoes that can lead to severe fever, encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord).

No human cases have been reported locally this year. They bite aggressively and cause lots of itchy bites, but are not typically involved with transmission of diseases. It's known to be present in mosquito populations in Kentucky.

West Nile virus is not contagious from person-to-person through casual contact. They tend to increase in mid to late summer when temperatures climb and the weather is drier. However, no human cases have been reported in Macon County, and only four have been reported in IL this year. County officials suggest that residents use insect repellent, wear clothing that reduces the risk of skin exposure, and to make sure doors and windows have tight-fitting screens to keep out mosquitoes. Symptoms may start between three and 15 days after a person is bitten by an infected mosquito.

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Experts say in most instances, people infected with the West Nile virus either show no symptoms or relatively mild symptoms, including fever, headache, tiredness, nausea, vomiting, swollen lymph glands and a rash on the chest, stomach or back.

The single best defense against WNV is bite prevention.

Long-sleeve shirts and trousers can prevent infection, as can the use of insect repellent.

West Nile has been detected in Louisville. When possible, residents should also limit time outdoors from dusk to dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

"Having your screens and windows in good fix, making sure they don't have any holes".

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