How to bluff your way through a Game Of Thrones conversation

How to bluff your way through a Game Of Thrones conversation

How to bluff your way through a Game Of Thrones conversation

The "Jon is a Targaryen" theory has been popular with fans for quite some time, and it's gotten much more attention the past year, after Bran's flashbacks in Season 6 and Jon adorably petting Daenerys' dragon this season.

This season was over and done with far too quickly. Tyrion's conversation with Cersei, Cersei's with Jamie, Theon's with Jon, Sansa's with Littlefinger, Bran's with Samwell forms the rest of the episode...

Twitter user @Mahmoudh wrote: "Season 7 Pros: Ice dragon, some nice moments".

While we finally got the flashback we need to confirm Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Thorne, real name Aegon Targaryen, the man formerly known as Snow was falling into bed with his aunty Dany. With Jon Snow (or Aegon Targaryen) and Daenerys finally doing it. Season 8 will start filming soon, but it's going to be a long, hard wait for fans until they can find out what happens next, in the final season of the show.

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As it stands now, the oddsmaker figures Jon Snow still has the best chance of emerging victorious in the end. However, earlier in Season 7, Gill made a small hint that suggested that Jon was a legitimate child as Rhaegar Targaryen had filed for an annulment with his first wife. Littlefinger was on a hot streak for a long time, given that he'd gained control over the Veil and developed a reputation for being one of the smartest advisers around.

We don't officially know. Viserion looked ever the worse for wear, just like steeds ridden by the Night King's White Walkers, but he was more powerful than ever as he attacked the Wall with nonstop blue flames. It happened, it was handsome, and the theories of Jon and Daenerys' future after knowing that Jon is actually a Targaryen has everyone at the edge of their seat. With Arya and Sansa outplaying Littlefinger and taking him off the board.

Will there be any more seasons?

The whole scene was extremely intimidating, and once again we all fell in love with the beauty that is Arya Stark! When Cersei revealed to Jaime that she was lying about helping Daenerys's cause, he rode out of King's Landing.

The episode also saw a reunion of the contentious Clegane brothers: The Mountain and the Hound. Could this mean that the first Aegon will get killed off in The Winds of Winter? Certainly, the obvious logical conclusion is that the ground continued to collapse until they fell to their deaths, but when the scene switches to a wider view of the Wall, after the Night King and his Wight-dragon have completed their destruction, there are portions of the Wall left standing.

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