Mewtwo Raids Coming To Pokémon GO

Mewtwo Raids Coming To Pokémon GO

Mewtwo Raids Coming To Pokémon GO

Recently, there was a big Pokemon GO stadium event in Yokohama, Japan, which hopefully went better than the event that was held in Chicago earlier this year. Unlike existing raids, trainers need to be invited to join in an Exclusive Raid Battle this is achieved by successfully completing a recent raid as well as beating the Raid Boss at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle will take place.

Exclusive Raid Battles function much the same as regular Raid Battles, except you must be invited to participate in them.

Niantic will be bringing the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo to the rest of Pokemon GO trainers all over the world via what they call Exclusive Raids. According to Gamespot, these four Legendaries are now available via Raid Battles [VIDEO] and will be available through August 31.

Niantic has announced that Mewtwo is the next legendary Pokemon to be added to the outrageously successful Pokemon Go game.

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When a player hits a Pokemon with a PokeBall, Pokemon Go's servers determine immediately whether or not they caught it based on a combination of RNG and a player's catch bonuses. If you missed your chance to catch any of these Pokemon the first time around, go out and start raiding today.

Pokemon Go continues to evolve and surprise its users and Mewtwo's arrival represents the latest addition to the game.

Lugia was also released during the mess that was Pokemon Go Fest. Getting Mewtwo into the hands of fans as soon as possible may be a great way to change fans' minds. Invitations will include the date and location, allowing them to plan with other players before fighting the Raid Boss. All throughout August, players have been able to catch other Legendary monsters like Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

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