Patriots become first National Football League team to own team jet for travel

Patriots become first National Football League team to own team jet for travel

Patriots become first National Football League team to own team jet for travel

The plan is that one plane will be the primary one used for transportation to and from game locations.

ESPN reported, citing unnamed sources, that the reigning Super Bowl champions purchased two 767 Boeing wide-body jets.

The increasing cost of charter traveling and limitations by major airlines likely had a lot to do with the Patriots' decision in taking traveling matters into their own hands. The outside of the plane is coated in team colors and logos and, of course, the five Lombardi trophies.

National Football League teams have 10 road games per season, including eight regular season road games.

If the planes are brand-new, they may have cost as much as $200 million each.

ESPN said the team's flight operations will be run out of Providence.

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The bigger planes - which can carry a full team, its support staff and the onerous amount of equipment the team needs on the road - are being retired because they are nearing a point in their life cycle where they have to be stripped, fully gutted and reworked in order to satisfy Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

The New England Patriots are putting matters into their own hands when it comes to team travel.

This has caused National Football League teams to go with charter airlines driving up the costs.

While the lack of total road games have usually scared off National Football League teams from buying their own planes, the Patriots' latest transaction might be a cost-effective move as charter travel continues to get more expensive.

The team can also cover some of the cost by renting out the planes when not in use. The team was reportedly interested in the idea that their own planes would "give athletes a leg up on the recovery process".

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