Russian Official Says Iranian Parliament Bill 'Logical' Response to US

Russian Official Says Iranian Parliament Bill 'Logical' Response to US

Russian Official Says Iranian Parliament Bill 'Logical' Response to US

Araghchi said that the Iranian bill was a far-reaching response to the measures passed by US Congress that Iranian media have called the "mother of sanctions" because they sum up all existing anti-Iran sanctions.

Lawmakers gave the go ahead for the crafting of the bill which is aimed at countering "America's terrorist and adventurist actions", according to the state broadcaster IRIB.

Sanctions against Iran is mainly in response to Tehran's growing missile programme.

In a session Sunday, 240 lawmakers voted for the bill, with only one abstention, to confront "America's terrorist and adventurous actions" in the region.

The Iranian plan would require Iran's government and armed forces to draw up a strategy to counter United States violations of human rights around the world, and to support Iranian bodies and individuals affected by American sanctions.

The legislative move by Iran follows US President Donald Trump's signing of a sanctions bill on Russia, Iran and North Korea on August 2.

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The Iranian measure "was designed wisely so that it does not violate the (nuclear deal) and provide excuses for opposing sides", Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said. The vote comes amid growing tensions with the USA over the Iranian nuclear deal, which President Trump has said he would like to see cancelled.

The bill will next head to a second vote before being submitted to a clerical body for final approval and passage into law.

But last month he backed away from his pledge to withdraw from the agreement.

Iran has launched ballistic missiles in tests, something it is allowed to do under the deal, despite American criticism.

A number of recent close encounters between U.S. ships and Iranian vessels in the Gulf have added to the tensions between the two countries.

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