Sarahah uploading entire contacts book to their servers

Sarahah uploading entire contacts book to their servers

Sarahah uploading entire contacts book to their servers

It's not entirely clear what Sarahah uses uploaded contact lists for, although the app's privacy policy states that it will not sell the information to third parties without prior and written consent, unless it's part of bulk data used for statistics and research.

Sarahah has been the talk of the town for past couple of weeks. Even Zain al-Abidin has acknowledged this. However, users have no way of knowing who sent the message or how to reply to them.

With privacy concerns on the rise, such information is certainly causing a negative effect for the app. But what is troublesome is the app is collecting something it doesn't even need.

Sarahah allegedly downloads the user's contacts along with phone numbers and email addresses. The feature was then delayed due to "technical issues" and was accidentally not removed from the current version of the app. "The database doesn't now host contacts and the data request will be removed on next update", he continues. However, as the analyst revealed the app has been uploading entire contact books.

Julian's phone has something called BURP Suite, a software that "which intercepts internet traffic entering and leaving the device", and this spotted that Sarahah was uploading his private data.

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Following the report and a video showing the app uploading data, app developer, ZainAlabdin Tawfiq came up with a statement that the app will be using this data for a planned feature.

"As soon as you log into the application, it transmits all of your email and phone contacts stored on the Android operating system", Julian quoted. Asking access to contact details without offering any feature associated with contacts simply raises a red flag.On a related note its very common for Android apps to sectreately team up and steal your data.

The app's partial interest in your contacts is not hidden though. Most of the apps like Instagram and Facebook ask access for users contacts but they do so with a goal.

Sarahah has projected itself as an "honest feedback app" that lets its users strengthen the areas of improvement at work and while letting them be honest with their friends. "See which of your contacts are on Snapchat!" and the popup on iOS clearly says that the contacts will be uploaded to Snapchat's servers "so you and others can find friends, and to improve your experience". In the privacy policy page, it has been stated specifically that if it plans to use your data, it will ask for consent. While the app's entry in Google's Play Store does indicate the app will access contacts, that's not "enough consent" to justify "sending all of those contacts over without any kind of specific notification", he added. In some cases, Sarahah does ask for permission to access your contacts, but it does not disclose that it will be saving the data to its own servers.

They also suggest teens who use the app to remove themselves from the search function and only share usernames with people they know.

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