The Gorgeous BMW Z4 Concept Proves The Sports Car Isn't Dead

The Gorgeous BMW Z4 Concept Proves The Sports Car Isn't Dead

The Gorgeous BMW Z4 Concept Proves The Sports Car Isn't Dead

What will change is the materials, with the concept's brushed aluminium and carbonfibre trim making way for more cost-effective materials, although one of BMW's stated aims with the new auto is to improve perceived quality. BMW's excellent quality and handling giving it all the tools needed for a lucrative resurgence.

What we also get to see are the vents in the front bumper which are quite large and this gives the Z4 Concept its aggressive looks.

The production Z4 will arrive three months after the new 8-series, which is due in 2018 and is previewed by the concept 8-series. BMW says the goal was to emphasize the car's rear-wheel drive nature, while the lowered door sills help to underscore how close to the road the Z4 Concept is. A shorter bonnet and crisp overhangs ensure the driver sits closer to the centre of the vehicle than in previous BMW roadsters and has a better connection with the road. Unlike traditional BMW headlights, the two halos on either side are stacked vertically, rather than horizontally, pushing them to the edge of the auto. Most of the dashboard on the passenger side is covered in orange suede, but in front of the driver it's finished in black leather, as is the driver's seat.

The new Z4 is underpinned by BMW's CLAR (cluster architecture) platform. While this is a very concept-y cabin, it does have a lot of modern BMW elements that could make it to production.

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Oh yes it is, and probably the biggest BMW has ever made so far. The more complex aspects of the engineering (i.e. the chassis, suspension and some braking components) will be jointly manufacturer.

Compact, sporty cars are a small but bright spot in an overall USA auto market that is expected to shrink for the fourth consecutive year in 2017. The ultrasporty steering wheel has a recessed center section and is fitted with red paddles to operate that automatic transmission, which we hope won't be the only gearbox choice in the production vehicle.

The Concept features some intriguing detailing and design elements and while it's hard to judge size under the studio lights it does look more compact than the previous Z4 and Girard confirms that it has a shorter wheelbase and subtly altered proportions in order to site the driver in the middle of the vehicle.

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