Travel Agents Advise Arriving At Dublin Airport 3 Hours Before Flight

Travel Agents Advise Arriving At Dublin Airport 3 Hours Before Flight

Travel Agents Advise Arriving At Dublin Airport 3 Hours Before Flight

The airline said due to recent "enhanced security measures" by the US Department of Homeland Security, Aer Lingus passengers are "experiencing delays" at US Customs Border Protection at Dublin Airport.

Airlines UK, an industry body representing UK-registered carriers, said it had warned the Government about the new checks in May.

The change means the details of passengers from non-Schengen countries, such as Ireland and the United Kingdom, are run through databases to alert authorities if they are known to pose a threat.

Some airports are already reporting delays of up to three to four hours at some airports, including Milan, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Lisbon, Lyon, Milan, Paris-Orly and others.

The statement points specifically to airports in Spain, France, Italy, Belgium and Portugal.

New security checks at many European Union airports have led to United Kingdom travellers facing long waits and some have even missed their flights.

He added: "It is passengers and consumers - many of whom are from the United Kingdom - who are suffering as a outcome".

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The issue is compounded by a lack of border officials on the continent, it is claimed.

He added: "At some airports, flight delays have increased by 300 per cent compared to a year ago - member states must take the responsibility for this". However it is feared the situation could get even worse in the coming weeks, as the new regulations have not yet been fully implemented.

Some tourists are being hit by airport delays which go on for longer than their flights.

A4E managing director Thomas Reynaert said: "Travellers face long lines and can't get on their flights".

Travel agents say a combination of rising passenger numbers, the busy holiday season and tight security means people need to leave themselves plenty of time to get through the airport.

At the same time, the European Commission has defended the increased security checks and reminded critics that this is all about protecting passengers and a direct response to requests from EU member states for more stringent checks. Phil Davis, whose flight home from Frankfurt yesterday was delayed by 90 minutes, said the airport only had one security lane open to process a large number of global flights.

Travellers are also being reminded to avoid causing excess delays at security screening by ensuring they don't carry prohibited items such as large liquids and scissors.

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