What to expect on WWE Smackdown

What to expect on WWE Smackdown

What to expect on WWE Smackdown

SD Live's latest acquisition Bobby Roode continued on his glorious path by beating Mike Kanellis nearly without breaking a sweat.

Roode's about as old school as you get when it comes to in-ring technique, with many likening him to Triple H.

After a brief scuffle, Dillinger was still able to face Styles as he punched out Corbin and had the referee immediately start the match. After the match, Lana instructed two photographers to enter the ring and take pictures of them celebrating the victory.

When Owens was complaining, he interrupted Aiden English's song but now, English can get back to the reason why he was out there. Owens said it never would've happened with Stephanie McMahon over on "Raw". Dillinger gets a good portion of his signature moves in, but one mistake gives Styles the opportunity to lock in the Calf Crusher, ending the match right there. Due to some shady officiating, commissioner Shane McMahon came down to the ring to ensure a clean match, and the subsequent argument with Corbin resulted in the former failed Mr. Money in the Bank walking out on the match - after throwing the stripes at the commissioner.

Shane has heard enough and makes his way out to the ring. Back to full screen, and Konnor hits a spinebuster for 2. There aren't many "free" faces on the blue brand for him to take on, but I have a feeling that Sami Zayn may be used in his role as sacrificial lamb as Roode's first feud. Owens runs down the ref and then gets in the ring. Owens immediately hits Sami Zayn with the Pop-up Powerbomb and counts to three very quickly to hand the win to English on a silver platter.

Dasha Fuentes is backstage with Dolph Ziggler, who says they can expect nothing tonight in Little Rock.

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Dolph goes off on numerous current gimmick in WWE and promises next week to be all flash and no substance.

The New Day's short-lived WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship reign was ended at SummerSlam by The Usos, with the feud now likely to continue into next month.

Momentum shifted back-and-forth before Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso were the legal men. After catching Kofi Kingston with a roll-up via a blind tag, the Usos were in a dominant position as they could decide on what kind of match they wanted to have in their title defense.

Will Tamina prove she should be feared? Nattie steps in and tells Carmella that if she tries to cash in, she will make Carmella the Baron Corbin of the Women's division. Naomi walked up and told Natalya that in two weeks, they will have a title match on SmackDown Live. Tamina crushes Stock and finishes her off with a thrust kick. Rusev got involved to take out Orton, leading to this main event tag team match. Late in the contest, Nakamura tagged in and went after Rusev, taking him down with knees. They do and Nakamura arrives. The team put up a tremendous effort against WWE champ Jinder Mahal and Rusev, shaking off any dastardly tactics to emerge triumphant when the king of strong style planted a Kinshasa on Rusev for the win.

As Nakamura and Orton celebrated in the ring together, The Viper quickly striked and laid out his future opponent with a thunderous RKO out of nowhere.

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