Elderly couple share names with Hurricane Harvey and Irma

Elderly couple share names with Hurricane Harvey and Irma

Elderly couple share names with Hurricane Harvey and Irma

But while Harvey dumped torrential rains on Houston and Irma almost leveled some Caribbean islands, the Schluters, who have been married for 75 years, have only ever spread love.

"When Harvey and Irma Schluter said 'I do, ' Franklin D. Roosevelt was president of the United States, the cost of a new auto was $920 and former heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali was about 2 months old", the Spokesman-Review reported back in March, when celebrating the couple's milestone anniversary. To be married for more than seven decades must be hard, right?

"It's pretty incredible, huh?" said Dona Schluter, their 47-year-old daughter adopted at age 3, The Spokesman-Review reported. Irene was next in line, but that name was retired after Hurricane Irene in 2011.

"He said come on let's get married, and I said oh no I have to finish school", said Irma.

Hurricanes that do not cause too much damage are used again six later - but if they are more serious, the names are retired.

"Oh, yeah, sure, and she looked at me and said, 'Mom, I'm telling you the truth", says Irma Schluter.

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As for the hurricanes, The Times reports the names are on a six-year rotation through the World Meteorological Organization - unless the storms are major.

"They're the most loving, wonderful, giving people I know", their adoptive child Dona Schluter, 47, told the newspaper.

The couple have been married for 75 years. The couple eventually got married in 1942. But never did this couple from Spokane, Washington, think this year's hurricane season would make them famous. "It bothers me", she said.

Because how could two devastating hurricanes be named after two very sweet people.

Throughout the past three-quarters of a century, the couple raised three children, a handful of grandchildren, and more than 100 foster children.

When asked why they helped so many Mrs Schluter told The Spokesman-Review: "I don't know, we just did".

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