Glass panels plummet from 85-story Miami building after Irma hits

Glass panels plummet from 85-story Miami building after Irma hits

Glass panels plummet from 85-story Miami building after Irma hits

Reporter: Now, residents who live in these high-rise buildings are also being advised to take everything off their balcony, furniture, plant, any type of decoration because if this hits Miami all of those items can become missiles.

It wasn't immediately clear whether either collapse caused damage or injuries, CNBC reported.

"At the moment, the water on the bay has completely left, so it just looks like ... a mud pile just everywhere all over, and what they're all saying is that's all going to flood Miami, but then it's going to surge back", he said.

"The crane structure can collapse", said Miami City Manager Daniel Alfonso earlier this week.

The cranes were among two dozen such heavyweight hazards looming over the city skyline as the monster storm powered across the state.

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The horizontal arms of the tall tower cranes, however, will remain loose despite the potential danger of collapse. The building was still in tact despite the crane's failure. He said he hadn't heard about the mandatory order. "It was toppling over". "And we're here to help and get as many people into shelters as possible". "It has fallen and hit a building". Only a few companies are certified to do that kind of work, said Dan Whiteman, vice chairman of Coastal Construction, who has 12 cranes in the Miami area. They planned to run into a stairwell if anything else happened.

"I have two choices, stay or run north, a bad idea" said Michel Polette, 31, who lives a couple of blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in South Beach.

Brickell, Fla. - A combination of unsafe storm surge created by Hurricane Irma and high tides produced flooded inland streets in South Florida, the National Hurricane Center reports. Gusts over 90 miles per hour (145 kph) were reported at Miami International Airport.

Reporting on the dangers posed by Irma's powerful winds when they reach Florida, NPR's David Schaper spoke to Northwestern University civil engineering professor Joseph Schofer. The study was based on data gathered during 2016's Hurricane Matthew, which flooded northeast Florida, destroying homes in St. Augustine and the surrounding area with floodwaters.

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