Korea UN vote on Mon

Korea UN vote on Mon

Korea UN vote on Mon

Tension on the Korean peninsula has escalated as the North has stepped up the development of weapons, testing a string of missiles this year, including one flying over Japan, and conducting its sixth nuclear test on Sunday.

The move is said to be unlike previous US efforts, in which the USA has spent weeks, and sometimes months, carefully crafting language with China before presenting the resolution to the rest of the Security Council for a vote. The U.S. also identified nine North Korean ships that failed to comply with the previous United Nations resolutions.

The United States is determined to have a vote at the UN Security Council on Monday on imposing tough new sanctions against North Korea despite resistance from China and Russia, UN diplomats said. The U.S. draft also identified nine ships that have carried out activities prohibited by previous U.N. resolutions and would authorize any U.N. member state to stop these vessels on the high seas without their consent and use "all necessary measures" - which in U.N. language includes force - to carry out an inspection and direct the vessel to a port.

But no weapons test was detected from North Korea as of Saturday afternoon, as people in capital Pyongyang went through customary practices of showing loyalty to late leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the father of third-generation leader Kim Jong Un.

China and Russian Federation want to have alternative solutions for the issue.

DeThomas agreed that it was unwise to break the unity of the Security Council, but he said the USA administration is unlikely to accept "a very watered down approach".

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The website has carried videos that threatened the United States, including one suggesting that North Korea would launch a number of its new mid-range missiles into waters near the U.S. territory of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Foreign remittances and textile exports are the most important remaining sources of income for North Korea.

"The US intent is so strong on this issue and clearly they are throwing a lot at this", said a Security Council diplomat. "War is never something the Unites States wants - we don't want it now".

He explained that this would force the USA, and possibly Japan and South Korea, to try to do things unilaterally to increase pressure on North Korea.

Both Russia and China proposed that the US and South Korea stop their military drills that trigger the anger of North Korea.

At an emergency Security Council meeting last week, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced that her delegation was circulating the draft resolution. The agency accused the USA of being the "chieftain of aggression and war and wrecker of peace".

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