Labor Day travelers brace for busier roads, higher gas prices

Labor Day travelers brace for busier roads, higher gas prices

Labor Day travelers brace for busier roads, higher gas prices

Tropical Storm Harvey's battering of southeast Texas is pushing up gas prices for Minnesotans.

That's when, they say, we typically switch from the summer blend to winter blend fuels.

Gas prices are now $2.38 for unleaded regular in Tampa Bay, $2.41 in Florida, and $2.45 nationally. He said Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week "will be days where we see the biggest increases".

"What we've seen is the Florida state average go up 10 cents since Friday".

"Two days ago it was $2.15, today it's $2.49", Ali Al Shehab said. "It has gone up 20 cents".

"I was just thinking about that, it jumped 30 or 40 cents a gallon", Daley said.

According to AAA the national average to fill up could hit more than $2.50 by the end of Labor Day weekend and they will continue rising into September. "Prices are going to continue to go up for another week or so".

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The numbers are soaring toward a three-year high, but travel experts say drivers are willing to pay the price this Labor Day weekend.

He said he is anxious consumers will start buying up gas out of fear of supplies running dry. "At the gas price level, we're seeing prices go up, because the supply is being shipped down".

"Summer is behind us and the demand has dropped, and since Labor Day is the last long weekend of the summer, many people tend to make their trips earlier in the summer", she said.

According to Mac, gas prices historically begin to go down at this time of year.

"Prices are the lowest in November, December and January, because it's cold and people aren't driving as much", she said.

The natural disaster's domino effect forced the closure of the Columbia Pipeline - the country's major oil line - and several gasoline refineries, but the Upper Midwest is not expected to see price hikes as large as those in the South and Southeastern states and along the Atlantic Ocean seaboard, industry officials say.

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