Second police officer on paid leave over Utah nurse's arrest

Second police officer on paid leave over Utah nurse's arrest

Second police officer on paid leave over Utah nurse's arrest

In the video, Alex Wubbels is seen discussing a warrant Salt Lake City Police detective Jeff Payne has brought in to gather blood vials for an investigation.

"I was alarmed by what I saw in the video with our officer and Ms. Wubbles", Brown said.

Wubbels calmly points out to Payne that these parameters were are spelled out in an agreement between the hospital and the department.

Payne is then shown dragging nurse Wubbels from the hospital and handcuffing her after she refused to allow blood to be drawn from the unconscious patient.

"Three things that allow us to do that are if you have an electric warrant, the patient consents, or the patient is under arrest", Wubbels said.

Payne said that he grabbed the nurse and took her outside to avoid causing a "scene" in the hospital, according to his police report.

On July 26, Detective Jeff Payne was sent to collect blood from an unconscious patient who was involved in a collision.

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Gray, who was working his other job as a trucker, was struck by a auto during a police chase.

As the police chief noted on Facebook, "One of our reserve officers, William Gray was the victim in a horrific accident in northern Utah while working his full-time job as a truck driver". She explains that she's doing what her bosses told her and even read from the hospital policy for blood draws.

On July 26, a fiery crash caused by a auto fleeing police and traveling in the wrong direction sent the driver of a semi to University Hospital's burn unit. "Why is he so angry?"

"I felt a duty to everyone that has ever had this happen to them that didn't have the evidence that I have to show it, and it seemed like a good time to do it", she said. "Stop! Stop! I did nothing wrong!" as Payne drags her to a patrol auto and with two onlooking law enforcement officers. She cried out as she was cuffed.

In a separate statement, Mayor Jackie Biskupski called the incident "completely unacceptable" and extended an apology to Wubbels for her ordeal.

Watch the shocking video for yourself here.

Although Wubbels was later released and no charges were filed against her she and her attorney Kara Porter said in a press conference held Thursday that they released the footage as evidence of how health care workers are being bullied and harassed by police.

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