Trump hopes to avoid North Korea conflict

Trump hopes to avoid North Korea conflict

Trump hopes to avoid North Korea conflict

In a briefing Thursday, Cho June-hyuck, spokesman of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, "The UN Security Council is now discussing a new sanctions resolution that includes a ban on the export of oil to North Korea".

North Korea already warned Friday the USA will "pay dearly" after its UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said the regime was "begging for war".

However it remained unclear whether China would be willing to back, or enforce, new sanctions at the UN Security Council, where it is a veto-wielding permanent member.

Despite the mounting pressure on leader Kim Jong-Un, the message from Pyongyang remains one of fierce defiance.

The United States is very concerned that North Korea might not be able to be deterred, a senior Trump administration official said on Thursday, drawing a distinction between Washington's view of Pyongyang and its model for dealing with former Cold War foes.

Asked Sunday whether he was going to attack North Korea, Trump said simply: "We'll see".

"No matter how the USA and its puppets kick up a ruckus, our republic, which has a strong military and the most powerful Juche bombs and weapons, and whose territory has all turned into fortresses, and all its people armed to the teeth, will remain an eternal iron-clad citadel", it said.

South Korea is closely watching North Korea over the possibility it might launch another intercontinental ballistic missile as soon as Saturday, when it celebrates its founding anniversary.

Russian Federation and China have, however, resisted the United States move with Moscow saying the Washington's call for new sanctions is too early.

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Pyongyang imports almost all of its oil and gas from China.

The fear is that outside influences have provided North Korea with equipment or expertise that has moved them closer to becoming a nuclear nation.

Pyongyang also claimed to have developed a hydrogen bomb and continues to threaten to strike the US.

The North Korean leader's younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, a vice director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers' Party, which controls the regime's media and censorship, would also be blacklisted.

In response to the sixth nuclear test on September 3, the United States and its allies are trying to have the U.N. Security Council endorse a new resolution toughening sanctions on North Korea.

Mr Putin expressed concern that cutting off oil supplies would hurt regular North Koreans, the official said.

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One on a flight back from North Dakota, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, "If we don't get these additional sanctions at the United Nations, as I mentioned over the weekend ..."

However, there are no reports of Kim receiving a message of greetings from Chinese President Xi Jinping, a possible indication of fraying ties between the two neighbors.

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