May told she must hold Johnson to his expressions of loyalty

May told she must hold Johnson to his expressions of loyalty

May told she must hold Johnson to his expressions of loyalty

Farage has also said he hopes that, after May's shambolic showing at the Tory conference in Manchester, "the Conservative Party start to say in public what they're all saying to me in private; that [Theresa May] is a waste of space, she needs to go [and] we need a proper prime minister [to take on European Union negotiator Michel Barnier]".

In her first interview since her party conference speech disaster last week, the prime minister told The Sunday Times she was preparing to shake up her top team to ensure she has "the best people in my cabinet".

But she said: "I am a very determined person".

Mrs May has repeatedly faced questions about whether Mr Johnson - a potential leadership rival - is "unsackable" due to her weakened position after the gamble of a general election backfired, depriving her of a Commons majority.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson also voiced her "full support" for the Prime Minister on Sunday, telling ITV's Peston on Sunday programme: "She has got grit, determination, dignity, she believes in service and diligence and she absolutely has my support".

Meanwhile, former Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said Friday that 30 Conservative members of parliament supported a plot to topple the prime minister.

Theresa May is being urged to reshuffle her cabinet as she battles to restore her tattered authority.

"She showed an incredible degree of resilience and courage this week, of a piece with the fantastic leadership she has shown through the time that she has been Prime Minister", he said.

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"Well, have they actually met Theresa May?"

The prominent Brexit-backer said: "I do not support Mr Shapps in his view that we need a Conservative leadership election".

Asked about her options for BoJo, Mrs May said: "It has never been my style to hide from a challenge and I'm not going to start now".

"I would ask all [the plotters] just to contemplate that if they think ditching the Prime Minister halfway through these really tough negotiaions that will affect Britain for generations, are they really doing the right thing?" I think it's time we rallied around her [Theresa May] for the country's sake. "And next week I'm going to be updating MPs on my Florence speech, which has given real momentum to the Brexit talks".

It comes after a former minister said as many as 30 MPs were prepared to demand an immediate leadership contest in order to oust Mrs May.

A leadership contest would only be triggered if Mrs May lost that vote, or chose to quit.

Mr Shapps said he was yet to write to the committee himself but would now take the formal steps.

The foreign secretary backed the prime minister to "get on and deliver Brexit" as he insisted there was no public appetite for a change in leadership. "One minute journalists are accusing me of being an ice maiden or a robot, then they claim I'm a weeping woman in dire need of a good night's sleep", she said, adding: "I am not someone who gives up".

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